August 28, 2013

status sekarang!

its been a while, 4 months already since last post. lol.

well, the main concern for me right now is to get a job. a real and stable one. dont know if i can describe myself today as a suri rumah sepenuh masa or just in honeymoon period with my ownself. after graduating from UNI life since last 2nd August, now I am free to do whatever I want as long I can get something to eat and better place to stay which of coz at home.

yeah, still stuck here in Perlis. most of me friends already driven their career in Key El, which I suppose to be there right now. however, I feel like someone or something had stapler my butt in this so-called paradise. not sure how many days I could stay here, or should be here. its all about choosing the right choice. sometimes my heart roaring want to go, but the other part of me keep it cool to stay for a while enjoy the holiday before striving for the future. nevermind, I've make up my mind already.

* just finished my photoshoping thing. this is the punca I came here and start writing entry. maybe want to show off. lol. seems legit

football match cover between my favourite club and its rival. the most awesome thing you can watch in TV. :D

sometimes I am a little a bit worry, nervous, anxious, upset, jealous, feel uneasy or whatever. thinking about the future.. haha, mostly because looking at my friends experience, some of them already working with so-called big company that make them earn enough money to begin their true life. but me, still stuck in here waiting for moon to fall down in front of my eyes. lol (hope you guys can understand it).

and then I say: hey please stop. I shouldnt compare too much about everything. shouldnt worry too much or think bad about it. relax, it is still a long journey. there must be something prepared for each of us as promised by Him. I just have to wait for a certain amount of time and absolutely got to make effort for that. as long as I am doing the obligatory thing, improve myself in and out. everything will be just fine.

meanwhile, it is a nasty thing that happen to our Muslim's sisters and brothers in Mesir and Syria. lets pray to them for their safety and wellness. show our best support through facebook or whatever social media which are telling or giving the latest news about their situation.

one of the best moment which I rasa #respect when a boy able to read Holy Al-Quran while he was already injured, sakit tau! insyaallah, setiap hari mesti baca Al-Quran!!!

ya Allah..malunya kami,
dalam kesenangan,
dalam kesihatan tubuh badan,
dalam kesenangan kewangan,
dalam serba cukup..dalam serba cerah dengan lampu yang banyak.
tapi kami tidak mampu membuka mushaf Quran , membaca kalam Mu ya Allah..kami menzalimi diri kami sendiri.

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