November 23, 2009

searching for God's sun..

Its a great feeling when i woke up early, do d important thing and wishing that today will be better than yesterday, hoping today i will be happy and will be doing nice things,the content will be accept by all living things..alhamdulillah..

Then i start to step out of d lazy room yet comfortable to d entrance of abah's house.. Opening d door and walk to d rigid,secure gates..One thing i've been concern in my mind ; "Where are u my friend (a.k.a Sun)...?"I've been missing u recently...I want to see your big bright eye, touch your hot rays and absorbs your energy..

You have an enourmous power to start my day and shine my day long..Unfortunately u have not showing yourself since two days ago..I wonder why are u hiding your  true self..are u mad on someone or kind of shy with me..??huhu..

Nevermind, i will always waiting for you everyday when people are still sleeping especially for students as they are celebrating holiday..

You know what, friend..??
Your place have been replaced by the only and great enemy of yours,called rain..d sky,the river and i have been complaining about him..It make our day feel sad,heavy and lazy..People around me especially those are doing the wedding ceremony felt annoyed,depressed yet happy coz rain have caused them to get wet..
By the way,happy wedding day for those who are married in this school holidays season..Wish u all happy always starting from the first night..hoho~~

Back to u Sun, i've been attending 4 ceremony in 2 days without u..I'm not kind in d mood for eating coz d rain have invaded my body through the coldness and murdered my appetite..
Recently your enemy keep attacking us by producing its powerful shots during d day and small shots until late night..All i can do is just reading proper books and newspaper(just like an old man..huhu),connecting people with fb,looking at people views through TV or just playing with my three aggressive young brothers inside the house..Ummi is very angry with rain coz our cloth dont want to follow her rules..Other people in Peninsular M'sia also worried with d rise of river water level..

So dear Sun, my old friend.. 
i hope we can jog together on tomorrow morning ,or just have a little walk around Taman Mesra Jejawi Perlis..if u still dont want to emerge yourself, nevermind i will just keep waiting in the early morning and searching for u behind those thick clouds..if today was my last day, i will be great happy to see u on hereafter later...

cherish d golden moment before it pass by..~~

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Anonymous said...

Don,t blame rains if sun doesn't works, we must search the causes of rains...
"hujan merupakan rahmat dari Allah S.W.T"

hafiz said...

tq..i agree with u..this is just a symbolization...finally the sun has risen this morning..yehaa..

Anonymous said...

~Alhamdullilah~Allah sentiasa membantu sekiranya kita memerlukan-Nya.