December 5, 2009

LIMA 2009..



for the first time in my life,i'll be visiting Langkawi..
and for the first time in my life to watch the exhibiton of LIMA..
another great experience in my life.. 
thank you to abah for this opportunity..

2 input now:

puterajejawi said...

same to you also give me and my wife and all your brothers a chance to know you and to love you..what a great experience we know and to love someone who is total stranger to us before...with Allah willing anything can happen....

Md Hafiz said...

alhamdulillah..jodoh dan pertemuan di tangan Tuhan..dan fiz pilih utk bersama keluarga abah sehingga akhir hayat insyaallah..membalas segala jasa baik abah kerna menjaga fiz...fiz sayang keluarga abah..