October 20, 2011

out of the blue..

yesterday was terrific.

i answer a quiz in a talk and get a smart gift. got my anugerah dekan and declared as Mr Elegance at the same time. they give me an elegant tie. lastly me watching a movie in a cinema for the first time in my entire life entitled Real Steel which is a superb.

Alhamdulillah. what a glorious day. :p
and tonight I will be heading to my home at Perlis, for 10 days of holiday.

still, i am impressed by one of my classmates. she is an extraordinary student. read this. such a contradict that needs to be reflected.

2 input now:

Shakina Chu said...

Hafiz, my dear friend. Do you know how much you've changed since matriculation? I can sensed it based on your writing, your thoughts, MashaAllah. You've improved so much! So proud of you!

( Bajet tulis English sebab ko tulis dlm Enlish kn :P)

Tapi serius aku ckp, ko da improve banyak atau setahun kat matrix x utk aku kenal kwn aku. Artikel tu buat aku wonder, layak ka aku nak kata diri busy sedangkan still ada masa utk layan fb, blogspot, crita korea etc etc. Aku mmg penikmat dakwah jak la so far, mungkin nanti boleh jd pejuang dakwah in my own style.

Thanks hafiz sbb buat aku berfikir. Barakallahuminkum. :)

Si Hafiz said...

haha. my gojes fren Lolot, thank you too 4 ur encouragement. yeah, dakwah penting dalam kehidupan kita sbg Muslim. :) Gud Luck mate!